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Clean, affordable housing in a supportive, healthy, semi-structured environment is cited as the #1 need for breaking the cycles of recidivism, addiction, and poverty

The Hope House

The journey from rehabilitation or incarceration into society can be fearful and uncertain without a safe place to make the transition. For the majority of residents at the Transitional Housing Ministry, going back to their previous environment is either not an option or a choice that is detrimental to their success. Making a choice to go into transitional living greatly decreases the likelihood of relapse, reoffending and recidivating back to incarceration.

What is the Transitional Housing Ministry?

Hope Outreach Transitional Ministry is a non-denominational Christian organization established for the purpose of helping individuals overcome barriers associated with transitioning from difficult situations to a successful life. We offer assistance in life skill development, job placement, budgeting, and education. Individuals selected for support are provided with an affordable home environment that is suitable for acquiring necessary resources.


During your stay it will be essential that you maintain employment, participate in a life skill development course, and be actively involved in a local church. Additionally individuals will be mentored in obtaining other personalized needs such as family counseling, drug aftercare, and education. Recommended stay is six to nine months. Upon successful completion individuals will be assisted in acquiring an independent living situation. All of which is directly related to helping achieve a successful restoration of life.


What are the Houses like?

Inexpensive living is provided in fully furnished home with all utilities provided. Affordability is achieved through the sharing of expenses that are required to maintain property. Each house is comfortably occupied by six to eight guests. Guests are responsible to following guidelines that are designed to sustain a healthy living environment for all occupants.


What are requirements?

Each participant must have an admirable desire to work toward a positive standard of living and be susceptible to making necessary changes needed to obtain a productive lifestyle.


You must follow defined rules and guidelines that are necessary to achieve desired results pertaining to success of the individual and the continued successes of the ministry to serve future participants.


Guest will be required to participate in church, developmental courses, and recovery programs that are imperative to successful restoration of life.

Application Procedures: 

Individuals interested in participation at the Transitional Housing Ministry must submit an application. Applications can be submitted through facility case management by email.


Acceptance into the ministry determined by bed availability and applicant’s susceptibility to change. Continued participation at the ministry is determined by the individual’s willingness to participate in recovery meetings, life skill development and adherence to ministry guidelines.


The Transitional Housing Ministry is an equal opportunity ministry with a focus on the development of successful independent living.   Application PDF

Contact Information:

Rodney Fowler

Director of Transitional Housing


P.O Box 1067, Enid, Oklahoma  73702

Phone: 580-366-9422


Mon. – Fri. 9:00am to 5:00pm